Visible-Desktop Visible-Tablet

Oh my goodness!  Everyday is a new learning experience for me.  I am totally immersing myself into Twitter Bootstrap to create responsive web sites.  As you may well know, even if you get the thing to lay out nicely on the mobile, you may still have some large spaces that were nice on the desktop but just way too much on the phone.

I uploaded my site, looked at it on mobile and eeew!   Enter visible-desktop & visible-tablet.  I added these to the breaks and spacers that were on the desktop.  I also added it to the parallax background images that are on the site.  That is just way too much extra stuff for mobile!  After adding these simple class tweaks (in addition to the media queries of course) ,  Tadaaah!   Out pops a nice clean easy to navigate site for mobile.  Love it!

That’s all.  Didn’t have much to say.  Just wanted to share these excellent css tools.  I will continue to share new insights about my adventure with Twitter Bootstrap as I go through them.

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