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Getting a New Website Design


Building a New Website

Ok.   You know you need a website for your business because no one really sees your company as a serious business if you don’t have one.   Maybe you have one that you created with one of those generic templates or maybe you had a friend or a family member set one up for you but it isn’t doing everything you hoped for.  And worst of all, it isn’t displaying your company in the light in which you wish to be seen.   Maybe your site was great but now it is hopelessly outdated.   You have all sorts of ideas in your head for your new site.   Now what?

That’s where we start talking.   What are your hopes and dreams for the site? What do you like and not like?  What information do you need to get out there?   And...do you realize you don’t build a site for yourself?   You build it for your customer.   For instance, you may be this really cool goth chic, but your users are all conservative women over 40.   You are not going to succeed with a site that appeals to your unique style.   We have to look at the user and gear your site to them.

Things to Consider

Have you considered that the majority of users probably view your site on phones or tablets?   The new buzz in web design and development today is “Responsive Web Design”.   This is definitely not an area you want to overlook when planning your site.   Here at B Newton Designs, we specialize in Responsive Web Design and Development.

When your project is complete, a huge benefit to you will include a new web presence that can be successfully viewed on smartphones, iphones, ipads and tablets in addition to desktop computers.  We build responsive sites that look good across all devices so your identity maintains its appearance and the usability is easy for the user.

Contact us to set up an appointment to see how we can work together to create an amazing site for your business.

When we Meet

These are some of the topics we will address when we meet if you are local.  If you are long distance, we can definitely work through email and phone.

  • What are you looking for in terms of design?
  • What is the demographic profile of the site’s users?
  • What are some of the major objectives you hope to see from the site?
  • What are your company’s most important categories or products?
  • Will we need to send a photographer?
  • What content will be on the site?   Will you provide the content or will we need to write content for you?
  • What are your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Who are your major competitors
  • What style are you looking for?   Conservative?   Artistic?  Fun and wacky?  Elegant?  Serious?  (Remember to consider your end user)
  • What sites have you seen that you like a lot?
  • Do you have a company logo or will one need to be created for you?
  • Do you have specific company colors that need to be represented?
  • What is your budget for the project?
  • What is your time frame for the website design project?

Whew that is a lot to think about!   But when we carefully plan, we can execute the perfect site.  By now, I think you get the picture that we need to fully understand your business to build a website that will be successful and live up to your expectations.

Next Steps

Send Mail

Contact Us to Get Your Website Started!

I will put together a proposal for you and we will go over it at our second meeting and decide if there are additional considerations to add to the site or even to take away.   I will give you a detailed document stating costs and deliverables that will be given to you and the date they will be due in addition to any a list of content I will be needing from you.



Why hire B Newton Designs?

First impressions are important. If your current website is tired and out of date or worse yet, you don’t even have one, you may be losing customers. We stay on top of trends. We research your business and its customers to best determine the appropriate design for your company.

B Newton Designs is Local - Live in Leander and design for the Greater Austin area, Cedar Park, Leander, Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville and Georgetown. Yes, I will still design for you if you are out of town. It is just cool in Austin when we go local.


User Experience Design.

One thing you really need to focus on when you put your site online is the experience your users will have when they visit.  With B Newton Designs your site will meet the needs of your users without creating any stress or complication.   If it isn't easy for your user to use, then it doesn't matter how pretty it is. User Experience is at the core of every site we design.


Technology - Responsive Websites.

People don't only view sites from a desktop.  Smart phones and laptops are rapidly increasing in popularity.   People are visiting your site in larger numbers through these type of devices.   Mobile sales have already overtaken sales made on desktop.   Remember people like things to feel the same. So when they go from your desktop site to your mobile site, you want them to feel they are still on your site.



First we properly tag and keyword your site for search engines.   We make certain your content is rich with good keywords that will help you be found.   Plus a bonus.   It has been said that Google prefers the responsive site over a totally separate mobile site for SEO purposes, and you know you need to keep Google happy!  If Google is happy, search results will more than likely favor your site.


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