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Project Summary - Clay Cates Site

Clay and Tom take a vacation every year to celebrate their birthdays and anniversary which all fall around the same date. They wanted a site where they could share their adventures and memories with friends and family as well as for their own purposes of being able to look back at fond memories.  Clay likes the idea of having everything organized on a website because you can always find it and it is quick and easy to get to anywhere you are.   She wanted to create a user friendly experience that showcases the amazing beauty of New Mexico.

This site was just a fun little travel site to create. What a wonderful way to keep those memories with you and share them. I think I will start that for my family!

Now Clay has a memory to cherish and share anytime she wants without having to dig through the photo box.

The site is responsive and built with Twitter Bootstrap.


Responsive website design of the miskata.com website

Project Summary - Miskata Site

Previously, I had created the shopping cart for Miskata.   Then we decided to add the website to create additional marketing and and more ways to capture traffic for the store.

The strategy was to include each major category from the store on the website and provide links to the matching category on the store.  We also wanted the main page to highlight specific products and special promotions.

Miskata wanted a very clean straightforward design with sliders on the landing pages showing additional categories.  Now that the project is complete, Miskata has asked that we look at redesigning the store and the blog to match in the near future. Check out my wireframes here

We created the site as a responsive website using the Twitter Bootstrap framework for this Leander TX business.

Website design in Twitter Bootstrap.  Salon Theme

Project Summary - Twitter Bootstrap Salon Themed Template

Here I created a salon themed site using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. It is responsive, meaning it will look great no matter what device you view it on. Now I just need to find a salon for it!

I designed a limited number of pages, but of course we can add as many as you need. Each image in the portfolio section for hairstyles pops up to a larger image so your patron can get a really good view.

e-commerce site created for miskata.com

Project Summary - Miskata Shopping Cart

The Miskata ecommerce shopping cart was created using GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart. We will be creating a new shopping cart with more flexibility in the near future. Did all photography and content for the store.

Web Design and Devolopment of Grass Works Site in Austin TX
Project Summary - Create New Web Site for Austin Lawn Care Company

Designed and developed this site using responsive web design so the site works across all devices. Did all design and content for this local Round Rock TX Company that provides lawn care to Austin and the surrounding areas. Their existing site had very little content and almost no images. I designed the site with lots of keyword rich content and images to show the type of work they do.

Wordpress Website and Blog Design
Project Summary - Wordpress Website and Blog for Gluten Free Website

This gluten free food blog is being designed using Wordpress. Our goal in making this site was to do something outside the box that would be very colorful and playful while still maintaining a good user experience.

When B Newton Designs builds your site, there is no need to worry about having a separate mobile site built or a separate site for tablets. Our responsive design works perfectly for all devices and is great for SEO because it all is under one name. No more separate names for mobile and desktop.


Spec Website Redesign of Sue Patrick Site

Project Summary - Redesign Spec Site

Design only. No web development on this one. Wanted to create a clean, easy to maneuver site that would look good across devices and provide a good user experience.




With an eye toward good design principles, we create simple and functional sites that work across devices.   We are passionate and committed about each project we commit to because we adore designing!   We believe it makes a visible difference when your designer invests themselves totally into your project.

Working with us.


We believe good communication is key to any successful project.  We spend time talking with you and digging down to find the nitty gritty of what we need to know to create a site you will be proud to have.   We will work very closely with you.  Interaction between you and us is the very basis for your site.



B Newton Designs goes beyond just creating your website.  We work to understand your business, your competition and your customers.   Once we have a better understanding of these, we can begin to make a plan on how best to share your message on the web.  You will find our work is consultative in nature and designed to enhance your website's overall effectiveness.


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